Chef Craig's 4 Week Cleanse Reflection

February 12, 2021 3 min read

Chef Craig's 4 Week Cleanse Reflection

I ate nothing but Nourish for 4 Weeks and here’s what happened:

So far, I've shared with you all my cleanse journey and the numerous mental and lifestyle benefits I’ve enjoyed (read that blog post here

Just to recap, here a few of them:

My energy level increased, my sleep pattern became so much more regular along with my digestive system and regularity.  My body felt like it was running the way it should after just one week of my cleanse.

My skin, hair and nails have never looked or felt better! I’ve always had the occasional small breakout, especially when I'm stressed out. Consistent color treatments have wreaked havoc on my hair. However, they seemed to disappear within weeks of cutting out processed sugar and the easy to grab junk food I was eating before my cleanse.

My mental focus level increased. I take every day medication for my ADHD, but it was so much more maintainable while I was eating a regular diet with Nourish and it made me aware of the interaction between my abillity to focus and food intake. One that I am happy to let guide me for the rest of 2021

BUTTTTTT, I also want to share that there are so many other physical and bodily benefits that I’ve enjoyed as a result of my cleanse.

Side note/ disclaimer the intention and purpose of Nourish Cleanses are not intended as a weight loss regimen, even though those are the results that I experienced.

During my four week cleanse, I used a smart scale to weigh and keep track of all of my results. The data I’m supplying comes from that device. My activity level from the months previous did not change. I do a 20 minute yoga session, as well as a light resistance core regimen twice a week each that I have been doing for nearly a year now. 

I noticed, first off, that I was consuming more calories, more regularly than I ever have in recent memory (ranging from 1800-2300 calories per day), but lost 8.4 pounds, while increasing my muscle mass and decreasing my body fat percentage from 10.8% to 8.9%



Also, my BMI dropped nearly 2.5%, my muscle mass increased by 4.5%, and my basal metabolic rate decreased  by a little over 8%, meaning my body has increased the efficiency it can operate in the calories its fed.



Visually, I can see a difference in the amount of fat that I typically store in my face and around my mid-section and I’m happy to say that my partner has noticed it too!

All of these physical gains are wonderful, but still pale in comparison to the increases in energy and daily function, as well as mental function that I felt from eating a cleaner, healthier, plant-based diet that was free of refined sugar and sourced from clean, healthy ingredients.

I’ve never felt better about myself, personally, or comforted in knowing that what I’m eating is also contributing to a healthier community and environment around me!

MOST OF ALL, I'm super excited to see what starting my 2021 with this intention will mean for the rest of my year! It's both invigorating and reassuring that amidst all of the unexpected things 2020 had to offer that I still have some control of my own well being and I can't wait to see what that will mean for me in the Months that follow!

I hope that my whole journey will give some inspiration, reassurance, solace and best wishes for your own journey!



- Chef Craig

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