Cleanse Your Way Into 2021!

enero 06, 2021 7 min read

Cleanse Your Way Into 2021!

Let's be honest. Although the holidays have their happy moments, they're often fraught with anxiety and a wide array of emotions (not all of them good).

Add in a pandemic and wwwwoooooowwwwwww have this last month (or two) been tough. Stress is oftentimes partnered with eating things on the go, which often means we're not nourishing ourselves the best way we can. Cold vegan pizza in the car, late night leftover smorgasbords. Not sure about you but I'm relatively sure my sodium intake was a bit over my usual levels this past month. 

So, all of this to say that I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do our Master Cleanse for the month of January.

I'm really excited to do a reset, getting my body and mind back on track. For the next 4 weeks (maybe more if I'm feeling feisty), you can expect my check-ins on our blog and social media. I'll talk about all of the aspects of this cleanse and how it's making me feel. I promise to give you an unbiased and honest view of my experience.

If you'd like to join me for a cleanse, I'd be happy to have your company! Choose and order your cleanse and make sure to tag us on social so that we can check in with you. 

Here's to 2021 - may it be a little less of a shit show than 2020 ;)

Chef Craig’s Cleanse Journey

Week 1

January 4th

It’s just a few days into the new year and I’m so excited about participating with you all in this new journey to start 2021 with a clear mind, a happy body and a path to a better me!

The idea behind the Nourish cleanses, is it’s not just a dietary change. It’s not about restrictions. It’s not about unrealistic body transformations or to provide a magical cure-all. This process, especially for me, is about self reflection and self improvement. I don’t think I’m alone in spending a lot of this past year during the pandemic crisis under stress, feeling anxious and developing some habits that are less than beneficial to my overall mental/physical well being. Among those I found that it is extremely easy to respond to quarantining, sometimes loneliness in isolation, anxiety or fear due to uncertainty with means that are outside my personal goals for well-being.

If that sounds like something you can relate to, you and I are not alone!

January 8th

This first week of cleanse was an interesting one for me, with lots of unique challenges.

I definitely found myself feeling full and enriched by everything that I was eating. It was nice, too to have a plan, or better yet, a routine surrounding my eating habits. If there’s one thing that I’m guilty of, it’s letting the stress and events of the day distract myself from some self-care. That often includes skipping meals or resorting to grabbing a sugary drink, sweet treat, Glass of wine or bourbon that ultimately would make me crash.

On this cleanse, I was able to plan out and make time for myself to eat all three meals and the occasional snack. It meant that I had to build my day around thinking about my own self-care and providing fuel for all the business of the day. And to my surprise, I didn’t mean sacrificing getting those items completed; it in fact, meant that I had a little more energy and clarity to complete them quicker and more effectively.

The need to eat and provide energy for the work one needs to do seems completely intuitive, but it’s some thing that I definitely struggle with and have to make a real commitment to accomplish. I’ve always taken much more comfort in serving food & never been one that eats three meals a day. In fact, I think this might be the first time that I can ever remember doing that!

Starting a new routine is always difficult and I certainly wasn’t perfect on it, but I am super excited and curious about this new experiment with how food has impacted my daily routine, mood, work efficiency, and even my sleep.

Happy Cleansing, Nourish NYC Lovelies! 💕

January 10th 

Day 7/ Cleanse Week 1 Reflection

Well, I made it, folks!

My first of four weeks of the Nourish NYC cleanse is over & I shouldn't be surprised by the many positive results I seem to be experiencing, but truthfully, I AM!

Our cleanses were built with lots of care and concern for eating a balanced diet that is both nutritious and exciting, along with careful suggestions from our registered dietician & lotttts of research. Heck, I'm the one who builds every menu; I put thought into each and every component, so I consciously know that what we send out each week is enriching on numerous levels.

However, as mentioned in my previous entries, I am just as guilty as anyone of making that quick, easy food choice (or lack thereof -see my 1/8 post) that don't necessarily live up to my wellness goals. The result is almost always a weekly crash... after we get out a week's deliveries and wrap everything up I generally crash, HARD!

Well, while I don't know if it's entirely due to my cleanse journey, it's that time of the week and, not only am I still standing, I have the clarity of mind to self reflect and share some of it with ya'll :)

On top of that, I'm feeling energized, awake and filled with anticipation for this week! 

As anyone who has ever worked in kitchens before will attest, it's HARD work, even without the added stresses of balancing starting a new business, remaining vigilant to all of the added stress of operating in the times of COVID &, of course, the DETESTABLE events that occurred this week. 

But, here I am, feeling encouraged, not dreadful; excited, not anxious; and so much more balanced than what I'm used to.

Sending you all lots of love and best wishes for peace of mind this upcoming week!



HI ALL! It’s been a minute since my last update and I’m super excited to share my progress. I’ve seen some very REAL physical health benefits that I’ve been meticulously keeping track of and I’m super excited to share that with you in another post. As I’ve previously stated, however, my cleanse intention has always been more introspective than one centered around that physical goal, so here, buckle in, SHEEETZ BOUT TO GET RULLLLLL PERSONAL LOL.

I’ve had an incredibly interesting experience with my cleanse journey. One that has led to a lot of self discovery and uncovering some behaviors that I see clearly now as negative, less than productive coping mechanisms.

I’ve always been aware of my tumultuous relationship with food.... I’ve known for years it was an early mechanism of control through a childhood whereby food was the easiest method of controlling my environment. I was a very obviously queer child growing up in the South; a quality I tried so hard to hide, caving to community, family and religious pressure. I tried SO hard to mask that side of me. So, I found myself stuck in a balancing act of masking my queer identity that was so flagrant from a young age w/ being “The Man of the House” (side note, I CRINGE at that phrase now that I am comfortable with my gender expression as a proud and loud gay man) and the caregiver as the oldest child of working mother, responsible for my younger siblings. 

This is the dynamic that I have for decades found such pride in turning to positive through the medium of food. It was the means through which I found expression and creativity. Before I could openly come out, I could dazzle people with the perfect soufflé, wrap an arm around those I cared about with a comforting stew, show someone how special they were by throwing a decadent dinner party, or share some compassion through a sweet treat. Food is my love language; one that I immersed myself in and sometimes hide behind. The emotions or feelings I couldn’t exactly express... I could always translate into food.

It was a coping mechanism. and, frankly, I have a lot of pride in spinning my difficult past into a positive, flourishing career! It’s truly, what I view, as one of my greatest accomplishments.

BUT! What I’ve learned through my cleanse process so far is that somewhere along the line, MY INDIVIDUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD got a little lost. 

I’ve had several iterations in my professional career as a chef, all seeking a sense of fulfillment through the service to others. Thinking that each instance would be better than anything I had done before, NO, the BEST I had ever done! But, never saw myself quite, well, worthy of the food I was making for others.

My launching of Nourish NYC took a much broader approach. I’ve been dead set on expanding this vision to a very personal interaction with the community AT LARGE. I wanted to make something that reflected ALL of those things that were most dear to me. Animal rights, Human rights, Ethical Sourcing, Environmental Responsibility, all enveloped in a beautiful package that was wrapped in the service driven mentality I mentioned earlier. Still, hard as I tried, I knew something was missing slightly.

I’m learning, three weeks into my cleanse process what that is and I can best sum it up by stealing a seminal line from RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, How in the hell are you gonna love someone else?”

I’ve heard and snapped my fingers to that line HUNDREDS of times. I know it to be true and to a perfect stranger, my best friend, or even worst enemy i would sing it to them at the top of my lungs. But, self-deprecation, insecurity, and plain ignoring my own VALUE kept me from translating it to myself.

Doing this cleanse, however small, or unintentional has awoken this sense of self reflection in me. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself, my habits, my coping mechanisms, my adaptations - both productive and, well, “less than productive.” And let me tell ya, It’s been truly invigorating!

I feel a new appreciation for the balance between my well being and my relationship with food and I’m truly excited for the next step along this path.

lots and lots of love to you ALLLLL! 🥰

- C 💕


Read my full 4 week Cleanse Wrap up, here! 

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