Nourish and Sustainability

enero 15, 2021 2 min read

Nourish and Sustainability

It’s a new year and we’re all looking for ways to examine and improve not just our lives but our impact on the world around us.

If last year told us anything, it’s that they are very real consequences to the current model that we purchase and consume food.

Providing sustainable and environmentally conscious products that decrease our impact on climate change and eliminating waste has always been one of the primary goals and foundational principles of Nourish NYC. Those big goals are always growing and adapting as we find new ways to improve our process and the beautiful food we provide each one of you!

If you’re looking for a way that you can individually do the same, look no further!

It’s hard to imagine that buying something actually helps the environment or decreases your impact, but our goal is always to not just reduce our impact on the environment, but also to make it easy for you to do the same!

Here’s how we’re able to do it:

  1. We buy local - purchasing delicious organic non-GMO produce and ingredients not only decreases the carbon footprint of transporting those goods, but it also offsets the carbon emissions of the area we live in. The more beautiful, pesticide free ingredients grown around our area the more we helped to support the natural biome, wow securing plant life that can process the carbon we put into our environment.
  2. Eliminating waste – our process of providing you a full weeks worth of food at a time and only making what is sold, means that we only consume that which we need. The typical restaurant produces countless waste because they have to prepare food before it’s ordered; if it’s not sold, most of it ends up in the garbage L. Our process means that we buy less use it all and illuminate the transport and waste process that other food models can’t avoid.
  3. We compost – along with limiting the waste we produce, nearly all of the scrap and food product that’s left over after we prepare your delicious meals goes right back to the earth it came from. If we can’t use it, we compost it!
  4. We use all recyclable materials – every piece of packaging your delicious meals come in are made from recyclable materials, are we usable, or are made from easily recyclable materials.

Our mantra, “food is at the crux of social change” is the guiding principle of every decision we make at nourish.

One of the biggest pieces of that is our belief that as a responsible member of our community we have a duty to not only decrease our environmental impact but provide a product that makes it easy for our customers to do, as well!

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