We've Launched Our Referral Program!

febrero 12, 2021 1 min read

We've Launched Our Referral Program!

Great news, friends. Refer your friends, get up to $50. 

As a new business in a unique market, we appreciate your support and referrals more than we can even express. Each time we hear that a customer has told their friend how much they're loving Nourish NY, it makes our hearts sing!

As you likely know, it's pretty tough out here for small businesses right now. We took a leap and opened our service during the pandemic, knowing that we'd have our share of challenges. What we've found throughout this process is that there is absolutely no better marketing than word-of-mouth. Think about it. When you love something and you tell your friends, they are going to trust you more than a stranger's review on the internet. Your word is absolute gold and we want to show you how thankful we are for it.

Starting this week, if you get a friend to order, we're giving you a $10 credit per person (up to 5 people, which equals $50). Simply have them put your name in the order notes when they check out. That's it! We'll add your credit to your account and you can use it on your next order. 

We appreciate your continued support and are excited to continue expanding our community with your help. Let's share the love! 

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