About Us


In 2012, Chef Julia and business partner Laura Neff co-founded Nourish, the first delivery service of its kind in Charlotte, NC. Chef Craig joined the Nourish team in 2016 and with Chef Julia’s incredible vision, along with the diverse, talented staff, Nourish has encouraged a revolution of progressive eaters. Having moved to NYC, Chef Craig has set out to expand that gorgeous model to the community, here!

Together, Chefs Julia and Craig are determined to bring BEAUTIFUL, ethically-sourced, delicious meals that reflect their joint perspectives that food and hospitality are at the crux of inspiring social change.

Nourish is, above all, intentional about every action we take in the kitchen as we strive to provide you with the highest level of care and craft in the business.


Nourish offers full A La Carte ordering to complement your lifestyle and needs. Simply order your food for the week, and we do the rest! We prepare, cook, cool, portion, and package your food and deliver it fresh, never frozen, to your doorstep. You'll never have to sacrifice variety for nutrition; we’re constantly innovating. Read more about our guiding principles here!

Image courtesy of Jake Yount Photography

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