Customer Love

“I can’t wait to check it out!!! I ate the Mac 'n Cheese first thing when I got home, and one of my first thoughts as I was eating it was just amazement at how brilliant someone must be to craft food so delicious. And I’ve NEVER felt sluggish or bad after eating any of the things you’ve made. I love it all so much!”

Charlie, Astoria, NY


"This sounds delightful! I really admire and respect the way you consider all components of the food process too, that is so cool and rewarding to eat knowing that even things like carbon footprint are being taken into account! And, OMG this week’s energy bowl is everrrrrything! I feel like I’m in Greece!"

Jonathon, Astoria, NY


"Had the breakfast bowl, was yummy, used almond milk and mixed in some yogurt. Sooo Good! Already ate the energy lunch bowl it was DELISH. And this hummus is yum-us!"

Luke P, Astoria, NY


 "My physical and mental health is so much better with these delicious veggies flooding my system! You’re my everything in the pandemic now!"

Jonathan M, LIC, NY

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