Nourish Cleanses

  • Kick start your health with The Nourish Starter Cleanse, or fully revitalize with The Nourish Master Cleanse. Each cleanse contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a full 5 days, plus snacks and a cleanse guide to help you along the way.

    The Starter Cleanse is best for those new to a plant-based diet as it contains entrees and more dense food for a smoother transition.

    The Master Cleanse is more of a challenge and focuses on light foods, tonics, Smoothies and Broths for weight loss and detoxing.

    If you're looking to kick-start your health this New Year or help a loved one or friend start off on the right foot, Nourish Cleanses are the way to go!

    You can Read more about our cleanses here.

    Bundle and Save an Additional 15% by signing up for our subscription service! When you sign up for the subscription and receive the 15% discount, we respectfully request that you subscribe for at least four orders.

    Here's to a Brand NEW YEAR and a Cleaner, Healthier Mind and Body!

    Please note that subscription plans can be managed from your Customer Account Page, and pauses to service must be made by Wednesday at noon before your expected delivery day. 

  • Starter Cleanse (5 Days)

    • Two Salads of the Week

    • Two Bodhi Bowls

    • Two Small Soups

    • Two Small Entree Option One

    • One Small Entree Option Two

    • One Small Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf

    • Two Small Signature Salads

    • One 10oz Dressing

    • One Large Snack Pack with Crudites and SuperSeed Crackers

    • Two Cinnamon Mueslis

    • Three "Get Your Kicks" Protein Smoothies

    • One Seed Milk

    • Two Hibiscus Tonics

    • Two Ginger Tonics

    • One "Get Your Fix" Restorative Broth

  • Master Cleanse (7 Days)

    • Two Salads of the Week

    • Two Bodhi Bowls

    • Two Small Soups

    • Two Small Quinoa-Pepita Pilafs

    • Two Small Sesame Massaged Kale Sides

    • One Small Side (Salad option)

    • One Small Side (Grain/Roasted Veggies option)

    • Two Small Signature Salads

    • One 10oz Dressing

    • Two Large Snack Packs with Crudites and SuperSeed Crackers

    • Three Cinnamon Mueslis

    • One Seed Milk

    • One Oat Milk

    • Two Hibiscus Tonics

    • Two Ginger Tonics

    • Two Nourish Yogurt Cups

    • One Full Seed Loaf (9pc)

    • Three "Get Your Kicks" Protein Smoothies

    • Two "Get your Fix" Restorative Broth

    • One Cracker Pack (9pc)


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