The Variety Plan

  • Our Variety Plan gets you a sampling of our favorite dishes of the week. Chef Craig hand selects three days' worth of well-rounded meals, featuring our largest variety. A great way to try a little bit of everything on our ever-changing menu!

    Subscription Plans can be managed from your Customer Account Page, and pauses to service must be made by Thursday at noon before your usual delivery day. When you sign up for the subscription and receive the 10% discount, we respectfully request that you subscribe for at least four orders.

  • What It Includes:

    • One Cinnamon Muesli
    • One Chia Pudding
    • One Seed Milk
    • Three Slices of Seeded Loaf
    • One Bodhi Bowl
    • One Salad of the Week
    • One Large Toasted Sesame Massaged Kale
    • One Small Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf
    • One Small Side - Salad
    • One Small Soup
    • One Tart (4")
    • One Small Entree 1
    • One Small Entree 2
    • One Take n' Bake Cookies
    • One Small Snack Pack with Crudités
    • One Hibiscus Tonic
    • One Ginger Tonic

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